Kevin K. Jones

Obtained BSc and MSc degrees in pure mathematics from Liverpool University, then worked four years with Dunlop and PA Management Consultants. Having obtained an MBA from INSEAD with the top distinction, Mr. Jones joined McKinsey & Company. For McKinsey & Company, he spent six years on assignments in Europe and the US and then over nine years as a partner based in Japan. In 1992, he relocated to Hong Kong, joining Booz-Allen & Hamilton, where he was responsible for developing the practice in China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Mr. Jones has published extensively on Japan and China and has been a frequent speaker on North Asian issues. In 1997, he led a major study for the Korean Ministry of Finance to develop a long-term strategy for the Korean economy, culminating in a public report “Revitalising the Korean Economy towards the 21st Century”, which received extensive media coverage and sold over 500,000 copies in Korea. Mr. Jones joined Ermgassen & Co as a Special Adviser in 1999. He also runs his own consulting firm, Kaiwen Consulting, based in Hong Kong, and has served on numerous boards (private as well as LSE, AIM and NASDAQ-quoted). He speaks several languages including Chinese and Japanese.